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Our app maker wizard makes it simple to make your brand new app live, in just a few clicks.

Key Features

25+ features to choose from

Interactive Calendar

Users can save key dates to their device

Push Notifications

Messages that appear on the phone screen

Message Inbox

History of all push notifications

Prayer Times

Quick access to salah times

News Feed

Display vital info using the news ticker

Donations & eCommerce

Mobile solution to accept card payments

Daily Ayah

Great way to provide inspiring Quranic quotes

General Info

Add your website, forms, surveys & more

Chat Wall

Ideal for questions & general comments


Instant ‘Call to Action’ Masjid details

Two App Options

Progressive Web App

One App. Any Device


Native Mobile App

 iOS & Android devices

Progressive Web Apps

Apps Delivered Through The Browser

One App. Any Device

Compatible on any tablet and mobile device, using any web browser.

Easy to Find

Identified by search engines, allowing the app to display in search results.

No Downloading. No App Store

Launched from the web it prompts users to add to their home screen.

Always Up-To-Date

No manual updates, the app is always displayed in its most recent version.

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Native Apps for iOS and Android

Exceptional user experience

Offers great usability with a seamless mobile experience.

High Performance

The app runs on a mobile device with best-in-class performance.

Branding Opportunity

Listed in the iOS and Android app stores to strengthen the brand image.

How your Masjid benefits

  • Worshippers are more likely to be engaged when information is made instantly available on demand and encourage masjid participation.
  • Push notifications are 10X more effective than the old school methods of spreading information.  i.e Now everyone knows when Eid is on!
  • Sends out a positive message that you are using the latest technology to make your masjid friendlier and more open.
  • Integrate your social media accounts and website into the app.
  • Allows worshippers to synchronise events into their calendar, respond to issues and generally view the latest news and information.

Make an app for your Masjid in minutes.

Your app comes pre-loaded with the features you’ll need.
Add more features, customise, brand and just add content.

What our customers say

"..brilliant way to provide instant information & help promote events - great communication tool."
Atif Manager - Karimia Institute
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